about me

Venus Envy is a drag queen, content creator, and self-taught makeup artist based in Orlando, Florida. Best known for her signature makeup, relatable tweets, and viral short-form videos, Venus has built a cult following online with over 600,000 followers on her main social media accounts. She has partnered with many large-scale brands including Haus Labs, Nyx Cosmetics, HBO Max, Orbitz, and Got2B. She also frequently uses her platform to raise awareness for LGBTQ+ and mental health related causes.
In addition to making her presence known online, Venus Envy is a nightlife entertainer. She regularly performs at bars, clubs, and restaurants all over Central Florida, occasionally traveling to other states as well. Venus's performances range from punk rock and pop music to comedy mixes and celebrity impersonation. She also enjoys competing in drag pageants, currently holding the title of Miss Lady Comedy Queen.
Venus is managed by Omni Entertainment Group